Copy_It_tb Copy It! by Adria Meserve (22 Dec 2015)
shakespeare_tb The Comedy, History and Tragedy of William Shakespeare by Adria Meserve and Anna Claybourne, with Tim Knapman (11 Sep 2014)
trump_tb Trumpety Trump! by Steve Smallman and Adria Meserve (4 Jul 2013)
genietrap_tb Genie in a Trap by Ciaran Murtagh and Adria Meserve (1 Mar 2013)
genietrouble_tb Genie in Trouble by Ciaran Murtagh and Adria Meserve (1 Nov 2012)
mess_tb What a Mess! by Adria Meserve (1 Jul 2012)
genietraining_tb Genie in Training by Ciaran Murtagh and Adria Meserve (1 May 2012)
gus_tb Don’t Kick Up a Fuss, Gus! by Adria Meserve (28 Aug 2009)
conker_tb Conker and Nudge by Adria Meserve (25 Apr 2008)
mermaid_tb The Mermaid, the Prince and the Happy Ever After by Timothy Knapman, Adria Meserve (7 Jun 2007)
napoleon_tb No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve (6 Jul 2006)
cleopatra_tb Cleopatra Silverwing by Adria Meserve (6 Jan 2005)
smog_tb Smog The City Dog by Adria Meserve (1 May 2003)

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